Déc 072013

Pathfinder – Iceland from Andrew Walker on Vimeo.

Shot these timelapses while traveling around Iceland for 17 days during some of the longest days of the year in June. Almost 4,000 miles were traveled while driving around the island. Had to cross a couple small rivers in some areas and in others were turned away because the rivers were too crazy for the SUV we were driving. It was a journey through some amazing landscape that varied from beautiful to almost nightmarish. That was the magic of Iceland.

The gear used was the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero rig using the MX2 controller along with a prototype nano moco module. Also used an eMotimo TB3 for a lot of shots. 2 Canon 5D Mark III cameras along with a RED Epic were used to shoot the footage.

The song is From "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" soundtrack

Citation :

Le monde a tant à nous offrir lorsque nous avons des yeux pour le voir. L.M.Montgommery

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